Lymberia Hotel, Faliraki, 85100 Rhodes (Click the pin to show/hide the map)

Enjoy your drink!

Would you like something to drink?


Enjoy your coffee, your refreshment, your cold beer or your cocktail just beside the pool at any time between 10:30am-11:00pm. The pool bar serves long drinks, brandy, ouzo, draught beer, wines, soft drinks (all local drinks)

 Our all-inclusive pool bar serves snacks and drinks (alcoholic and non). Open daily 10:30am-11:00pm.

At the lobby of the hotel there is a bar which serves spirits, long drinks, cocktails branded and imported beverages. All drinks at this bar are available on cash terms 




Beverage services

Please have a drink

Pool bar at night

Drinking at pool bar

Drinking at lobby

Smiling and loving

Beside the pool

Bar style

At hotel front

Pool bar kiosk


 We are driving eco

Our hotel every year is making progress in eco friendly actions. We made an aggreement with one of the largest energy providers in Greece in order to establish a station of power charging EVs.


Chargespot is a holistic solution for the future of electromobility by WATT+VOLT. Through Chargespot app, which is downloadable in a matter of seconds for free ( Play Store |Apple Store), EV owners can locate the nearest available charging spot anywhere they can imagine. In this way, they can have access to more than 250.000 chargers in Greece and abroad and the power to charge their car easily, affordably and safely. The app is already downloaded by 10.000 users.